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Health Care Management

Sliding Scale Healthcare Payment Issues

Some healthcare providers offer these patients a sliding scale so they can pay what they can afford. However, these payments are below cost. What are some other factors that can create issues for the financial accounting within health care organizations?

Local Coverage Determination Policy

You're working as a Professional Fee Coder or a Reimbursement Specialist. One of your job requirements is to review charges as they process through the revenue cycle. The attached pdf. has 5 questions. Questions 1-4 will require you to review the LCD -Local Coverage Determination policy on the Medicare website. Useful FYI---

Changing the Long term Care Paradigm

Module 5 - Case BARRIERS TO QUALITY AND CHANGING THE QUALITY PARADIGM IN LONG TERM CARE Case Assignment Webster's defines a paradigm shift as "an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way." After surveying the background readings, please prepa

Collaborative Clinical Quality Improvement

Module 4 - Case IMPLEMENTING LONG TERM CARE QUALITY Assignment Overview Upon completion of your masters degree, you submitted your resume to a large multiple-facility chain which specializes in long-term care facilities across the United States. You are asked to participate in an interview which will consist of the president

Reimbursement for Healthcare Services

Please read article and then pick a side. Is it a good idea? why?, or do you disagree? Pick one side, but clearly tell us why. & Think of transparency w/ regards to the Facility (not a private practitioner) Article Your Payments Become Public Knowledge Physicians are still trying to understand the implications of a rece

RVU Calculation

Review the attached PDF & determine the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule amount for 2014 using the RBRVS system for figures #1-3 & you'll note figure 1 contains both Facility & Non-facility. All GPCI is 1.0. Please submit back showing all work & not just the MPFS. Please Note:The MPFS Conversion Factor for CY 2013 is $34.0230

Please provide example for this assignment Thank you for helping.

GOVERNMENTAL & NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS THAT ASSURE CARE QUALITY- PART 2 Assignment Overview Assume that you have been invited to provide a lecture at the annual conference of ONE of the long-term care organizations that we discussed in this module. The subject of your lecture will be how the organization that you are sp

Healthcare Research Agencies

Identify and describe an area of education and research to include the functional services, key personnel, and how the department/unit supports or is supported by other departments. Identify and describe two trends impacting education and research. Analyze and evaluate the two trends impacting education and research.

Diagnosis Related Group

See the attached file. Case Mix Index & the DRG's Under the Prospective Payment System (PPS), hospitals are paid a set fee for treating patients in a single DRG category, regardless of the actual cost of care for the individual patient. Definition of Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG).The DRG is the inpatient classifica

Behavioral Health - HITECH Act

The government has not included Behavioral Health in the HITECH Act. Why do you think they have not? What are some of the Behavioral Health challenges for EHR implementations?

Home health aid

Which of the home care and hospice legal issues are most challenging in your opinion? Why?

Death and Dying According to Elisabeth Kubler Ross

What are the five stages of grief and what happens during each stage? How might Dr. Ross react to the following scenarios: You're the caregiver of a terminal patient, who continually asks, "How sick and I; Am I going to die; Why doesn't anyone tell me what's wrong with me?" You approach the physician and he asks (with tea

Strategic Cultural Training Program

You are the Director of Training for a large, inner-city hospital network. The patients your network serves represent dozens of unique ethnic groups. According the latest data, forty-seven percent of the patients who have sought treatment in your facilities are not proficient English-speakers. The latest patient census reflected

Strategic Plan Evaluation for Long Term Care Facility

Select the long-term care facility of your choice from any currently operational U.S. long-term care facilities, and research the strategic plan it has in place. Provide a brief overview of the composition of its strategic plan. In addition, pay particular attention to the mechanisms it has in place for evaluating and selec

Strategy Comparison: Healthcare

When formulating strategies, there are 5 categories of strategy formulation available to utilize: directional strategies, adaptive, market entry, competitive, and implementation strategies. To be effective, the strategies must be formulated in a specific order. Why is it so important to formulate strategies in this specific o

The Evolution of Nursing Homes in America

Module 1 - Case Introduction to Quality Assurance in Long Term Care Assignment Overview Up to this point, you have learned a bit about rules and regulations that govern the operation of long term care facilities. Some in the long term care industry have half-heartedly joked that "long term care is more heavily regulated tha

Documentation for Statistical Reporting and Public Health

Identify a national or state registry and answer the following questions: 1.What is a brief description of the information it collects? 2.What are the uses of the information? 3.Does the information represent a primary or secondary source of data? Explain.

Portfolio Analysis for market position of healthcare organization

In a portfolio analysis, the market position of a health care organization is examined in terms of its market share and rate of service category growth. Select the hospital of choice from any hospital currently operating in the United States, and perform a portfolio analysis on it. Be sure to identify at least 8-10 product

Management and Leadership Theories in Nursing

One of the five elements of emotional intelligence is self-awareness. What behaviors would someone with strong self-awareness demonstrate within the context of leading and managing groups? Provide an example. please supply references.

Boiled Frog, Strategic Management, & Healthcare

The "boiled frog" phenomenon is a business term of significance to business in general and to strategic management in particular. Based on research, describe how this phenomenon applies to business and particularly to strategic management? Share a specific business/company example; discuss the particular situation where the

Making Strategic Decisions for a Firm

What factors must a firm take into account when evaluating whether to use internal or external strategies for growing a firm? What are the most important factors that should be considered? What are the least important? Write new message

Healthcare Administration

Application 1 Submit: Theories and Theorists o Identify two key theories in your field. (Healthcare Administration o Identify the theorist(s) and sources of the theories (key articles or books) in your discipline. o Describe the basic tenets of these theories. o Analyze the relationship between the two theories t

Healthcare checklists

"The Checklist Manifesto" by Atul Gawande suggested that the checklist method used by the airline industry and the healthcare industry can save lives. A step-by-step, detailed and intuitive checklist can ensure that people in healthcare remember to perform every step in a process and monitor each of those steps. Discuss your o

Advantages of Genetic Testing for Familiar Disease

Discuss ethics with respect to genetic testing. Would you want to know your personal risk for a genetic disease, assuming that a family history was revealed? As a parent, or potential parent, would you want to know if your child had a risk for a genetic disease? Would you test for the actual presence of a genetic disease? Ex

GE Healthcare Ethical Concerns in Developing Nations

Could you help me determine two specific ethical issues that General Electric (GE) Healthcare faced when implementing its strategy to introduce low cost diagnostic equipment to developing countries. Recommend two (2) actions that GE can take to resolve these ethical issues. Help analyzing the concepts of professional and appl

Financing Entrepreneurship

One of the primary reasons that firms fail is inadequate financial resources. Knowing this, what steps should an entrepreneur take to obtain and maintain adequate resources? What is more important -- obtaining or maintaining financial resources? Why? Please include a reference so that I can expand on this topic. Thank you

help 48

A mother comes to your office and complains that her daughter's school is pushing HPV vaccination. She explains that her daughter is only 11-years old and is not sexually active. She asks for your advice. How do you respond? What would you tell her about the HPV vaccine? What would you tell her about HPV?