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Residential Care

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Assignment Overview
Assume that you have been invited to provide a lecture at the annual conference of ONE of the long-term care organizations that we discussed in this module. The subject of your lecture will be how the organization that you are speaking to can increase the values that to their membership by assisting members to achieve greater compliance with F-520 (the regulation we discussed in your background materials).
Assignment Expectations
You will submit a PowerPoint presentation consisting of no more than 15 slides (no less than 10 slides, excluding "cover" slide and "reference" slide) in which you address the following:
• Provide an overview of the selected organization
• Describe how the organization supports quality care & services
• Discuss how the organization currently assists members (regardless of who their membership is) to comply with the requirements found at F-520
• Provide recommendations in terms of what the organization can do (toward the future) to support care quality in long term care facilities.

• Your references and citations should be consistent with a particular formatting style, such as APA.
• Your response should be based on reliable and scholarly material, such as peer-reviewed articles, white papers, technical papers, etc. Do not include information from non-scholarly materials such as Wikis, encyclopedias, www.freearticles.com (or similar websites).
• Your response should incorporate the objectives of the module with the requirements of this assignment.

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Solution Summary

Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly ( RCFE) provide care, supervision, and assistance with daily activities such as bathing and grooming. The people that get these services are over 60 years old and is physically unable to do these daily activities. Residential Care Facilities are a non-medical facilities and medical care is not allowed to be used here.

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Reducing residential services & increasing commercial lawn care

company considering changing mix to increase commercial and lessen residential
5 employees worked total 10,000 hours last year. 6,400 on residential and 3,600 commercial
wages were $9 per work for all.
-direct materials were minimal and included in overhead. all overhead is allocated on basis of labor hours worked.
-charges $23 per hour for residential and $18 per commercial
1)if overhead was $62,000 prepare an income statement to calculate profits of both services using labor hours as allocation base for overhead. Income statement should have 3 columns residential, commercial total.
2)A more detailed analysis of overhead revealed that it consists of three components: office supplies, garden supplies, and depreciation and maintenance of equipment. These costs can be traced to the following activities:
Activity Level
Activity Cost Driver Cost Commercial Residential
Office Supplies Number of clients served $8,000 15 45
Equipment Deprec.
and maintenance Equipment Hours 18,000 3,500 2,500
Garden Supplies Area Covered
(square yards) 36,000 65,000 35,000
Total Overhead $62,000

Prepare an income statement to recalculate the profits of each of the two services, commercial and residential, using Activity Based Costing to allocate overhead costs. The income statement should have three columns, one for commercial services, one for residential services, and one for the totals. Please show all calculations.

(C) As noted above, the owner is considering a strategy of reducing residential services and increasing commercial lawn care. Based on your ABC analysis in part (b), what recommendations do you as to this strategy?

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