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    Promoting Generalization of Behavior change

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    Identify some strategies you might implement to promote generalization for a client withalzheimer's who like to go outdoor without supervision based on procedures for changing his behavior

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    Promoting Generalization of Behavior Change

    Hodgkinson, Koch, Nay, & Lewis (2007) assert that people with Alzheimer's wander because of a cognitive impairment, which are the behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia. According to Hodgkinson et al, wandering in Alzheimer's patients has become a problem for institutions, residential facilities and caregivers. For the most part, addressing the issues has been in the form of providing more security. Anderson (2013) points to three major reasons that wandering takes place in seniors with dementia and Alzheimer's that include: (a) confusion, (b) compulsion, and (c) going home.

    As he explains, dementia patients become confused and disoriented and often get lost, and can't remember the places where they resided. Regarding compulsion, this emotion, according to Anderson, can prompt the person to ...

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    This solution strategies to avoid wandering in Alzheimer's patients.