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Home health care

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Research Medicare's Home Care Benefits and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present a group of senior citizens.

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Medicare home health benefit provides coverage for visits to home by skilled health care professional. To be eligible for home health benefit, a beneficiary must meet three different criteria: (1) homebound, (2) require intermittent nursing care, and (3) under the care of a physician who had established that the home health visit are necessary.

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Medicare' Home Health care benefits for the Elderly
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Medicare is a federal program that pays covered health care services for qualified beneficiaries.
-established in 1965 under Title XVIII of Social Security Act
-provide health insurance to individual 65 and older
- provide healtha insurance to permanently disabled individuals under 65

Part A covers inpatient hospital services, skilled nursing care, and home health and hospice care
Part B covers physician services, outpatient services, and home health and preventive services
Part C covers private plan option for beneficiairies
Part D covers outpatient prescriptions drug benefits

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- Home health care
- The requirement for eligibility for Medicare covered home health services must meet three requirements:
- He/she must be homebound
-He/she must neet part-time or intermittent skilled nursing care or skilled rehabilitation
- Must be under care of physician

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Homebound requirement

- the term homebound cause some confusion at time
- misinterpreted by providers and Medicare claims contractors
-Congress and Centers for Medicare have clarified the definition of homebound to reassist beneficiaries, providers, and Medicare claims contractors
- Homebound means that the beneficiaries may be confined to the home or in institution that is not a hospital
- Example of homes are Medicare skilled nursing facility ( SNF) or Medicaid participating nursing facility
- Beneficiary does not have to be bedridden
- Considered homebound if leaving their residence requires taxing effort.
- Absence of homebound must be infrequent

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- Beneficiaries who met the homebound requirement are eligible for coverage of ...

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