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    Benefits of Homecare

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    The changes in health care delivery environments have resulted in positive clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care. Homecare is an example of an environment that is being used more in the industry.

    What are the services provided by homecare? Are there financial benefits to using homecare services? And, what examples of technology can you identify and discuss that are being used in home health care?

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    Today home care services include a broad range of physical, emotional, and other support services which allow an aging or disabled person to remain at home rather than living in a long term care facility. Services provided by aides or home care givers include meal preparation, some housekeeping, assistant with eating, dressing and bathing, and possibly shopping. Some organizations provide transportation to doctor appointments or to local grocery stores and pharmacies.

    Other services include visits from nurses, physical therapists, ...

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    The following posting discusses the benefits of homecare service and finance technology.