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    Questions on Employee Safety and welfare laws

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    1. Explain the application of UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION and the IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT in the current employment environment. DESCRIBE the impetus and how it evolved from organized labor activity to more widespread application.

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    In order to qualify for unemployment compensation ("UC"), an unemployed person usually must have worked recently for a covered employer for a specified period of time and earned a certain amount of wages. The group of unemployed most likely to be insured are job losers. To qualify for benefits, in general there are three major factors used:
    (1) the amount of recent employment and earnings
    (2) demonstrated ability and willingness to seek and accept suitable employment
    (3) certain disqualifications related to a claimant's most recent job separation or job offer refusal
    For an alien to receive UC, he or she must be "able and available." This means that the alien needs to be legally permitted to work in the United States according to the regulations ...

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    This job offers ramifications of UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION and the IMMIGRATION REFORM ACT.