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    Labor Law Questions

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    1) From the employer's perspective on FMLA, what is the most beneficial way to define the 12-month period in which the 12 weeks can be utilized? What is the least beneficial way?
    2) What are the benefits and obstacles of HIPAA for employees?
    3) Should employers be responsible for employee safety while working from home? Why or why not?
    4) In what ways does the employer meet the obligation to inform employees of FMLA benefits?
    5) How do current national border situations affect immigration laws?
    6) How do the various employment welfare laws interact with each other?

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    By responding to the questions, this solution discusses aspects of labor laws e.g. FMLA, HIPAA, employer safety while working at home, ways the employer meets the obligation to inform employees of FMLA benefits, immigration and welfare laws. Supplemented with information on immigration laws.