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Employment and Labor Law

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As the human resources manager, you want to ensure that your company's hiring practices follow all applicable laws and preserve the rights of employment candidates.

Develop a questionnaire that managers at your company will use when they are interviewing applicants. This document must contain the following:

* The name of the position for which the candidates will be interviewing
* At least 12 permissible questions that will be asked to all candidates
* A summary of illegal questions that should never be asked in the recruitment process

Please no previous submitted post and list all references and in-text citation
Please refer to the following material(s):

- Employment Relationship and Procedure
- HR Legal Issues
- Legal Issues in Hiring
- Equal Opportunity Recruiting

# Objective: Appraise the specific forms of workplace discrimination prohibited under current statutory and case law
# Develop and discuss preemptive management strategies that respond to the legal constraints of the current workplace environment

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The position for which the candidates will be interviewing will be Salesperson Industrial Products
The questions that will be asked to the candidates will be:

1. What is your experience in Industrial Selling?
2. Please tell us about an industrial sale that you have closed?
3. How would you open your sales pitch to a large industrial customer?
4. How is your experience related to work in our company?
5. What do you feel is the most important quality a sales person should have?
6. How do you learn about the customers' requirements?
7. Please make a mock presentation selling us an industrial product?
8. How do you maintain relationship with your customers?
9. What are the methods you use for closing sales?
10. What are your strategies for closing sales at trade exhibitions and demonstrations?
11. How do you challenge objections to your product and still close a sale?
12. How frequently do you feel that reports should be given to your superior and why?
13. How would you make cost calculations to present a quotation to the customer?
14. What ...

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