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Professional experience in the business world

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Relate your professional or personal experience in the business world as an employee or employer and an ethical issue you confronted that falls within the realm of employment law. For example, a student could write about his or her experience working long hours as a minor in violation of federal wage and hour laws.

If you have not personally or professionally confronted such an issue, consider an issue that could arise within the realm of employment law and discuss. Be sure that your focus is two-fold: first, on an area of employment law and second, on a potential ethical issue within that area of law.

Address the following in your paper:

- Identify and clearly define the relevant law, either defining a legal doctrine, provisions of a law, or elements of a specific cause of action.
- Apply facts from your situation to the applicable law, doctrine or cause of action studied.
- Clearly summarize lessons learned from the week as they apply to your fact pattern and make links to the readings and/or module.
- Include new thoughts or ideas based on the module information—this is your reflection/insight which logically would flow from each information point presented.
- Identify any related ethical issues.

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The professional experiences in the business world is provided. THe long hours for minor violations are given.

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Hope you are well.

- Identify and clearly define the relevant law, either defining a legal doctrine, provisions of a law, or elements of a specific cause of action.

The Fair Labor Standards Act, Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Age Discrimination in Employment of Act of 1967 within the United States provided the assurance to discrimination against race, age or even gender while working for a business entity (EEOC.gov, 2013). In the Fair Labor Standards Act, the certain number of hours worked during a day streaming from the New Deal proposal (Dol.gov, 2013). Basically, the employment laws can range from age, ethnic, labor distribution (hours worked), disability, and gender to name a few that enforces guidelines for proper management of American workers. In analysis, the two most common violations from employers with employment law entails the maximum standard work week to sustaining an eight hour day and minimum wage. In most cases, the type of industry, such as, coal mining or excessive business operations in financial backdrop can create extended un-normal hours. The standard mandatory eight hours can range for over ten hours ...

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