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    Employment and labor law

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    Please help answer the following questions.

    What constitutes harassment?
    What is the role of the administrator?
    What are the penalties?
    What constitutes retaliation?
    What types of questions cannot be asked in an interview?

    Please cite your sources.

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    Employment and Labor Law Questions

    What constitutes harassment?
    The unwanted behavior which effects or infringes on the dignity of a person or leads to an environment that is hateful, conflict ridden, threatening, or demeaning is called harassment. Usually this refers to workplace, educational institute, or the community. Unwarranted stress is created.

    What is the role of the administrator?
    The role of the administrator is to call for an investigation of the harassment, set up reasonable procedures, and carry out interviews with the complainant and ...

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    Employment and labor law is discussed in great detail in this solution. Concepts discussed include harassment, penalties, retaliation and questions that can be asked in an interview. References are included.