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    Measure of Quality of care

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    How can we measure the fact that health care service is meeting that quality or standards, (other than surveys)?
    What sources of evidence do we rely?

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    Fortunately, there are scientific ways to measure health care quality. Health professionals have mostly used these tools, called measures. They use measures to check on and improve the quality of care they provide.
    But there is some quality information you can use right now to help you compare your health care choices. And more and more is becoming available all the time. Many public and private groups are working to improve and expand health care quality measures. The goal is to make these measures more reliable, uniform, and helpful to consumers making health care choices.
    There are two main types of quality measures that can help you choose quality health care: consumer ratings and clinical performance measures. Consumer ratings, or "consumer satisfaction" information look at health care form the consumer's point of view. For example, do doctors in the plan communicate well? ...

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