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    Electronic Medical Record System

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    Outpatient electronic medical record systems (EMR) have tremendous potential to improve quality and efficiency. Unfortunately, if improperly designed and implemented, EMR systems can have an opposite effect quality and efficiency.
    Please discuss some of the ways that EMR systems can backfire if improperly implemented.
    What are some of the potential drawbacks transitioning to these systems?

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    Outpatient electronic medical systems have enormous potential to improve quality and efficiency. Unfortunately, they can also reduce quality and efficiency if not properly designed and implemented. Please discuss six significant ways an electronic medical record system could reduce quality and efficiency and how systems should be designed to prevent this from happening.

    One significant way that these systems reduce quality and efficiency are that they are ...

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    This solution contains over 200 words to aid you in understanding the potential downside to outpatient electronic medical systems. Included are six ways that these systems could be inefficient or ineffective if improperly implemented.