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Proposed Change to Resolve Electronic Medical Record Issue

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Implement an organization change create a proposed change to resolve the electronic medical record issue.

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The solution discusses implementing an organization change to create a proposed change to resolve the electronic medical record issue.

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Electronic Medical Record:

The traditional method of record keeping as been altered in the medical organizations to increase efficiency in the company services, lead to accurate record keeping and faster retrieval of needed information. This gives the personnel of the company the ability to make informed decisions offering excellent patient care. There are a number of problems that have been identified within the EMR this is inclusive of; the confidentiality threats that are experienced due to the accessibility nature of record keeping in the organization and the increased time spend by the personnel of the medical in the data entry of the records of the patients. These problems have thrusted the operations of the medical center into a bad image of slow medical care making the patients of the company to lose trust of the operations of the company. Change has to be made in the medical center to revamp the operations and reclaim the dented image of the company (Stein, 1997).

Implementation of the Change in the Organization

The change that have been proposed in the organization are ...

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