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    Transitioning to an electronic medical record

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    Summarize factors influencing organizational readiness for transition to electronic medical record,identify the theoretical model that relates to the implementation of electronic medical record and internal and external resources available for the change

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    This is truly a question designed for me. Not only can I respond from a professional educated level but from experience as well. You see the agency I currently am employed with recently transitioned to the electronic medical record. I was on the committee throughout the transition working through the requirements and troubleshooting problems as well. We have been up and running for three years now and it is amazing how quickly we have adapted. But enough of my ramblings and on to your answer.

    The theoretical model that relates to the implementation of the electronic ...

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    This solution explains the theoretical model that relates to the implementation of an electronic medical record. By summarizing factors that will influence an organizations readiness for the transistion from a paper record to and electronic record you will see what internal and external resources are available.