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Health Care Management

For-Profit Cancer Center Consultant

You are part of a consultant for-profit cancer center that is considering entering the Indianapolis, Indiana market. Identify and evaluate five secondary sources of data that may be used. Describe the precise location of each source of data and how the data could be used.

Protected Health Information

You have been invited to do a presentation to the laboratory department regarding Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance and electronic health records. Discuss the salient points of your presentation and why you feel it is important to include this information in your presentation. Include the

National Health Care Professional Licensure

Alternatives to the current system of state-by-state licensure for health care professionals (such as registered nurses) have been considered. The most common alternative proposed has been a national system for licensure. · What would be the advantages of changing to a national system of licensure? What would be the d

Contingency Planning in Healthcare

In the health care industry, change occurs quickly and many times without warning. In an effort to address such changes, contingency planning is a key step in the strategic planning process. Contingency planning follows a 7-step process to achieve maximum effectiveness. Assume that you are formulating the contingency plans for a

Palliative Care Management

Situation: An adolescent with incurable cancer had been hospitalized for three weeks, spending the past eight days in the intensive care unit. His physical deterioration and suffering created anguish in his father and in the health care team. The attending physician discussed, with the father, the likelihood of the adolescent

Healthcare Information Systems

Health Care Information Systems are important in dispensing of information throughout the organization. Address health care technology that has become essential to the sharing of information via electronic communication mediums (i.e., EMR, Telehealth, HMR, etc.). - Explain each part of the key components. - Explain each part

The Emerging Competition of E-Visits: A Changing Product Life Cycle

The Emerging Competition of E-Visits: A Changing Product Life Cycle Realy Health is a company that has operated in the Health Care environment for several years. This organization has developed a platform whereby patients are able to communicate with their doctors on-line for consultations. (

Convincing a Senior Management Group Into a Management Approach

The Cali Clinic Javier Perez Ornalez has called a meeting of his five partners. As one of the largest gastroenterology groups in Cali, Colombia, Javier and his partners have always been viewed as leaders in the medical community. For the past two years, Javier took a leave of absence and studied in the United States at a very

Conduct a Root Case Analysis

Students will review the following case and conduct a root cause analysis. A 75-year-old female is an inpatient in bed #1 of Room 10 on a medical telemetry unit. She has been admitted for pneumonia. She is slightly confused. No family is with her in the hospital at this time. The nurse introduces herself to the patient, asks

Health Law

I need help with identifying and discussing one rule, law, or policy that you believe might improve health care if it did not exist; being specific in citing the law/policy/rule. Identify the source of the law, providing an example of how the laws works and makes health care less than optimal.

Nurse's ethical responsibility

What is a nurse's primary ethical responsibility? Do you believe that ethical behavior should not be affected by outside considerations? Why or why not?

Medical Care Culture

• Health care planners could be more effective and efficient if they used the concept of the natural history of disease and the levels of prevention to design services that intervene at the weakest link in the chain of progression of specific diseases. Instead, most focus on high-technology solutions to preventable problems. A

Positioning And Differentiation

-Choose two existing health care organizations that are in the same discipline (e.g. hospital-hospital, insurance company-insurance company, etc.). -Discuss each organization's positioning and differentiation strategies. Be sure to include the similarities and differences between these two organizations.

Strategic Planning in Health Care

See the attached file. Please help with the following 3-4 paper assignment. 1. Discussing the advantages and disadvantages of conducting an external analysis. 2. Conducting an external analysis of the service area associated with the attached document (DeerCrest ). The analysis should include, at a minimum, the followi

Porter's Five Forces Model in Strategic Planning

Please provide an explanation of the following: 1. A brief summary of Michael Porter's five forces model. 2. The value of using this model in the strategic planning process. 3. Conducting a five-force analysis on the chosen physician group practice. 4. Interpret the findings from the analysis. 5. Taking into consi

Financial Management in Healthcare

What do you know and understand about financial management in health service organizations. Identify what your assumptions are; explore if you may have any biases related to your assumptions. Question your assumptions. Provide examples that influence your assumptions. Compare and contrast your assumptions and biases with the

Preventive Healthcare System

Proposal: In this course, your group, which is a healthcare consulting group, has been contracted by the federal government to assist with a public relations campaign. The government is concerned that such a high percentage of the population is reactionary-based in their healthcare decisions and is not prevention focused. The go

Healthcare facilities: non-profit versus for-profit

Identify a nonprofit health care organization and a for-profit health care organization of your choosing. Answer the following: a) Summarize the types of services provided, clientele served, and provider groups involved. b) Compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each organization from patient, provider, adminis

A health service or a health organisation.

Consider a health service or a health organisation. What are the main components of the wider system within which this service or organisation operates? Identify the key organisational and service relationships within that system, the nature and extent of their interdependency, and the influence they have on the achievement of y

Piedmont Healthcare Risk Management Program

Please help with the following problem. What is Piedmont Healthcare's Risk Management program? Is Piedmont's Risk Management program adequate? How does Piedmont Healthcare's Risk Management program compare to that of another facility? Do Piedmont Healthcare adhere to recognized standard for risk management? What are some

The Gatekeeper System (Healthcare)

In an HMO, the primary care physician acts as the "gatekeeper" to all higher levels of care that the patient may need. In theory, this means that the physician decides what is best for the patient and coordinates his or her care, while at the same times working to control costs and trying to ensure the delivery of care in the mo

FEMA: Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

What is Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)? In the context of risk management, how can it be used to improve processes in healthcare organizations? What impact can it have on preventing sentinel events? What are JCAHO's requirements in this case? What should be said to people who believe FMEA was not design

Obama Care Analysis

In 2010, the United States passed landmark health care legislation when President Obama's health care plan passed in the U.S. Congress. However, despite its promise to provide health care coverage for a number of groups previously unable to obtain coverage, many Americans are dissatisfied with the components of the plan. Thi

Emergent Learning Model and Strategic Management

Compare and contrast the analytical model of strategic management with the emergent, learning model. Which is most appropriate for health care managers and why? Provide very short rationale for health care organization's adoption of strategic management

Funding for Preventative Health Care Services

Although preventative services such as routine well-care visits and immunizations have often shown to be beneficial in terms of preventing future, more expensive, health care encounters, not all insurance plans offer reimbursement for such things. In addition, health care policies have only recently begun to recognize the "worth

Community Health Assessment

How can a community health assessment be used as a tool to address community health care needs.?Think of international global communities for your examples.

Under Access to Health Care Services in the U.S.

Describe how health care financing in the United States may promote under access to health care services by some and overutilization by others. Desribe one critical change that could be made to alleviate this issue, and explain how and why it would be beneficial.

Joint commission

Visit the organization's website at When you have reviewed the website, you are to choose one of the following topics on which to base your final project: •History of the JC (you may choose all or part of the years)