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Contingency Planning in Healthcare

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In the health care industry, change occurs quickly and many times without warning. In an effort to address such changes, contingency planning is a key step in the strategic planning process. Contingency planning follows a 7-step process to achieve maximum effectiveness. Assume that you are formulating the contingency plans for an outpatient surgical center.

Identify the 7 steps in the contingency planning process, and explain how each step will be addressed for the surgical center.

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The first step in the contingency planning process is to carefully identify all of the possible and/or probable problems that could occur and detrimentally affect organizational operations. This step could be addressed for the surgical center, due to the fact that it is important to proactively prevent any staff related, medication related, diagnosis related, incidents that could detrimentally affect patient health and well-being.

The second step in the contingency planning process is to make a determination as to the time periods in which detrimental problems are most likely to occur within the organization, as well as where within the organization these problems are most likely to occur. This step would be addressed for the surgical center by analyzing the overall operational paradigm within the organization in order to ascertain ...

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