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Researching ICD vendors

Search the web for various vendors of ICD or other encoding systems. Develop a table that describes the functions provided in these systems. Are there similarities among the systems? Do you believe some systems are better than others? Why or why not?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I found a web site that should help you with this assignment: http://www.wedi.org/knowledge-center/resource-view/resources/2013/02/01/wedi-icd-10-vendor-resource-directory

It is basically a directory for ICD-10 vendors and gives a short synopsis of the system information. Each vendor listing also includes the company web site (if available) to view the information in more depth.

I think the way I would approach this assignment is to develop 4-6 functions that you feel would be important in an ICD ...

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This solution provides a link to a resource directory of vendors who provide ICD-10 systems to the healthcare industry. It also provides suggestions on things to look for when comparing systems.