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    The roles of informaticists

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    Describe the ways that our roles as informaticists are impacted by the choice of which EMR system our institution chooses to implement, and the ways that professionals across the institution make use of that EMR.

    The Ninth Edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) was published in 1977. The Tenth Edition was published in 1992 18 years ago! Most healthcare providers are still using the older ICD-9, although all are now facing the challenge of having to convert within the next few years. Focusing on perspectives of interest and concern to informaticists: What challenges have been preventing an earlier adoption, and what kinds of steps will now be needed to move organizations away from ICD-9 and into ICD-10?

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    1. The roles of informaticists are affected by the choice of an electronic medical record system a health care organization has selected in many ways. One way an informaticist may be affected is in the level of knowledge or experience required to effectively utilize a new or unfamiliar system. While many systems have common features of storing the same types of patient information, they may be structured differently. Adoption of a new system may required the informaticist to receive additional training or may require a period of transition, for the informaticist to become comfortable with the functions of the system.
    Efficiency is also a consideration for the informaticist. Some electronic medical record systems have more user friendly menus and are designed so that a minimal amount of time is required to retrieve necessary information from the record. Others are not so efficient and may require the informaticist to move through several menus or screens to access the desired information. Such a medical record system can cause the informaticist to spend more time accessing necessary information, which makes the informaticist look less efficient or knowledgeable.
    The manner in which institutions decide ...

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