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Emergency Management Institute

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Are you family with Emergency Management Institute? ( http://www.training.fema.gov/EMI/ )
This agency is used to train individuals in the intricacies of emergency management. After taking a look at the site, can you tell me how you would use this organization as a hospital administrator? In addition, What are the roles of the other agencies (Fire, Police, Public Health, etc.) in the event of an emergency/disaster?

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The solution discusses the purpose and proper use of Emergency Management Institute. Review of how Emergency Management Institute can be implemented as a hospital administrator. Discussion of different agency roles in a disaster.

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Recent natural disaster events, such as Hurricane Katrina, have highlighted the need for formal and structured healthcare in an emergency setting. The Emergency Management Institute provides strategic and programmatic training for various levels of health care positions. It provides a structure that promotes greater consistency in health care system emergency management, serves as a management science, and healthcare personnel preparedness.

We are living in a world-wide era and serve a global community. This training will provide a standardized healthcare system emergency management. ...

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