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    The financial officer of a healthcare system asks you to design a program to help children with asthma reduce the use of emergency departments. What would you recommend with respect to behavior and sociocultural factors associated with emergency department use for pediatric asthma?

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    Research suggests that persons with low-income utilize the emergency room more often than other groups. Lemaigre et al (2005) find that this occurs particularly in asthma-related cases involving African Americans, who face more severe asthma and socio-economic stress than their middle class counterparts. According to Wise, Pulvermacher, Shanovich, Gustafson, Sorkness, Bhattacharya et al (2010), asthma case management and education designing randomized controlled studies are challenging. Although the study that Wise et al used is somewhat complex, the model can be modified into a simpler one based on a telehealth program. They proposed using action research to implement an integrated pediatric asthma case management and health intervention model of monitoring asthma for low-income families (n=400). Participants were low-income and non-white, and participated in a 3-month randomized trial to test effects of an integrated research design that consisted of Family Coordinator with asthma education.

    Action Research (AR) utilizes a variety of applied research fields such as: (a) education, (b) organization, (c) quality improvement and (d) social justice movements. Wise et al (2010) utilized AR concepts throughout the planning and enrollment phase of a 5-year randomized ...

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    A research design is proposed to reduce the utilization of emergency services