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    Different work of healthcare practitioners

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    Disasters can strike quickly and without warning. Reflect on natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina (2005), the Japan tsunami (2011), and the Philippine typhoon (2013). When major events such as these occur, various health practitioners from around the world work together to support local health workers and meet the needs of the affected communities.
    Health is a multidisciplinary field and practitioners from different fields of health can approach the same situation in numerous ways.

    description of how practitioners of the Environmental Health and Emergency Management fields might approach the situation. Then, compare and contrast the practitioners' approaches to the Japan tsunami.

    Offer an additional approach for practitioners to respond to natural disasters

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    I am providing some ideas and information on both questions. I included one reference, but it might be good to find others to support the information on the Japanese health practitioners.

    healthcare practicioners from environmental health vs emergency management
    Environmental health practitioners will be more involved with the aspects of environmental safety and preventing additional harm to come to people from chemical or hazardous waste spills, or damage to water sources or from materials damaged in emergency situations. The environmental health worker is trained to identify the problems that can occur when disaster strikes, not just for humans and their potential injuries and illnesses, but to those causes from outside or in addition to the initial problems. Emergency workers are going to be focused on preparing to take care of the people and property. Their focus will be on creating a safe place for people to come, stay, shelter, get food and water, and receive treatment when and how needed. The emergency worker is prepared to act on behalf of taking care of the people in the aftermath of disaster, including medical care for injuries, taking care of less significant medical needs, and meeting the needs of those with chronic and serious medical conditions. Making sure that public health needs were still met is another job of the emergency worker. This would including taking the appropriate measures ...

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    The differences between the two types of healthcare practitioner and the work needed after the Japanese tsunami of 2011.