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    Patient as Center of the Health Care Universe

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    Please give a summary of the author's main points in this article:

    Then assess the value and challenges of clinical decision support systems (CDSSs), in general, and of computerized physician order entry systems (CPOEs), in specific, to achieve the patient-centered care goals set forth in the article

    Explain and defend the rationale for classifying EHR, CPOEs, and CDSS as patient-centered management systems.

    Please use two peer-reviewed articles and links so that I may learn from the information that you provide.
    Thank you!

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    Murphy, J. (2011). Patient as center of the health care universe: a closer look at patient-centered care. Nursing Economic$ 29(1). p 35-37

    Article Summary

    Murphy (2011) discusses the shift in health care from a "hospital-centric" view to that of a "patient-centric" one. She emphasizes that this is an important aspect of health care, especially when implementing and using health information technology (HIT). The vision of a successful system would include the patient involvement in their own care partnered with their various health care providers. Although this (patient-centered care) idea fits into the Institute of Medicine's six dimensions of quality, little is known about how it is supported or used by the health care providers.

    Reviewed literature has suggested that only a small percentage of health care providers reach a high range of adopted patient-centered practice. Murphy feels that if health management were made accessible to patients as well as relevant providers, it would "impact patient care and satisfaction in a positive way" (p 36). She suggests ways that improvements could be made such as using computers-on-wheels during change-of-shift rounds to help the patient recall what has occurred on the previous shift and what to expect on the next. She also warns not to assume that all patients would embrace this integrated approach, but could be successful in decreasing health care cost in the United States and improve patient satisfaction and quality of care.

    Kuperman, et al (2007), discusses how computer provided order entry (CPOE) of patient medication(s), with clinical decision support ...

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    This solution analyzes the given article as well as providing three more references that discuss patient-centered management systems.