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    Utilizing quantitative methodologies in healthcare for organizational decision-making

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    What would be quantitative methods used to make decisions and recommendations in health care for a hospital showing a negative profit trend for diagnostic imaging cost center of the last four quarters?
    What recommendations should I make to the board of directors to reverse the trend?

    What quantitative model/method would work best for analyzing this trend
    Based on the quantitative model what 4 proposals could I make to the board of directors based on identified strengths and weakness of each solution,
    with regard to return on investment, break-even analysis, improvement in patient demand, improved patient safety/quality.
    How the decision-making method helped make objective recommendations to the board?

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    In providing guidance for this posting, I think that the quantitative method that would work best for analyzing this particular trend would be a form of outcome analysis, that is commonly referred to as a percentage change analysis. This methodology would include ascertaining the percentage change in the negative profits earned in the diagnostic imaging cost center over the last four quarters. This is due to the fact that according to this information, there has been a percentage reduction in the profit trend of the diagnostic imaging call center each quarter, over the last four quarters. Due to these factors, with regard to return on investment I would ...

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    This solution describes how to effectively utilize quantitative methods for organizational decision-making in healthcare.