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    The Healthcare Communications Process

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    Healthcare class. Need help with a paper on communication process. Need to choose 2 specific organizational team using a healthcare organization of your choice.

    Must be at least 5 pages with 5 references.

    See information below.

    Evaluate the communication process for 2 specified organizational teams, using a health care organization of your choice. Include the following in your paper:

    An analysis of a scholarly model of communication
    Strengths and weaknesses of the communication processes and individual roles, along with legal

    Evaluation of 5 conflict resolution methods

    1 conflict resolution method that is best applicable to both teams and rationale for your decision

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    In providing guidance for this posting ,the clinical team and the administrative team at Duke University Hospital are two teams that utilize the Shannon and Weaver communications process in a great deal of their interaction with one another. This is largely due to the fact that these teams often utilize telephones in their communications with one another, at those times when these things are not utilizing face-to-face communication, and e-mails etc. Due to this factor, the Shannon and Weaver model of communication will be analyzed, as well as the manner in which it is utilized by these teams. This communications model involves a sender of a message or data(telephone receiver spoken into), which would be an individual representing a particular team, a channel of communications, which in this case will be a telephone, or speakerphone for group meetings held via telephone. The receiver would be the speakerphone or telephone receiver that allows the other team member(s) to be able to hear the data or information that is being communicated to them. In a situation where these individuals communicated face-to-face, the sender(s) would be the individual or individuals speaking, the channel would be the air as the vibrations from the words travel to the receiver, and the receiver would be the individual that receives this communication through the ears and into the brain for processing.

    One of the tremendous strengths of this communications process/model is that it is a very simple and direct process, which means that there is a high probability that communication will be clear and accurate. In addition, this communications process leads to a situation where the ...

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