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Obama Care Analysis

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In 2010, the United States passed landmark health care legislation when President Obama's health care plan passed in the U.S. Congress. However, despite its promise to provide health care coverage for a number of groups previously unable to obtain coverage, many Americans are dissatisfied with the components of the plan.

Thinking in terms of the administrator and third-party payer perspectives, answer the following:
-What do you feel are the biggest weaknesses of the health care plan, and why?
-Be sure to provide 2-3 weaknesses for each group (i.e. providers and patients), and explain your rationale for choosing each by supporting your thoughts with properly cited references.

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The attached document is not intended as an assignment completion. I have laid out the advantages (strengths) and disadvantages (weaknesses) in a table, with references.

Healthcare Reform

Changes Providers/Healthcare professionals Patients (US citizens) Insurers
Increased demand for primary care Disadvantages: Longer working hours, restructuring partnerships.
Advantages: Nurses, NPs and PAs in greater demand, more opportunity for those who don't want 8-9 yrs. Of college. Some funding for medical school tuition may increase primary care supply. Opportunity for healthcare organizations to develop preventive clinics/centers to increase revenues Disadvantages: Patients may have to wait longer for appointments with providers. Some may have difficulty finding providers if not ...

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An Obama care analysis is examined. The health care coverage for a number of groups is determined.