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    Preventive Healthcare System

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    Proposal: In this course, your group, which is a healthcare consulting group, has been contracted by the federal government to assist with a public relations campaign. The government is concerned that such a high percentage of the population is reactionary-based in their healthcare decisions and is not prevention focused. The government has asked your group to develop a proposal.

    1. At least four key benefits that can be derived from making a transition from reactionary to prevention.
    2. Address the pitfalls that might develop as a result of switching to prevention and identify at least two solutions to each.

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    1) Lower costs

    Treatment for an acute heart attack, for example, is very expensive. Pharmacological treatment, paying staff overtime (if it happens outside of regular hours, which it often does), OR costs if it needs emergency surgery, multiple tests ... all of it could lead to skyrocketing costs per patient that comes in for a heart attack. On top of this, the cost to the patient is hefty in terms of time and well-being. Physical and mental recovery from an emergency incident, if full recovery is even possible, can be a long and arduous journey.

    Conversely, preventative strategies are cheaper to implement and reduce the changes of the above from ever occurring in the first place. To an organization, the costs are primarily in programs which educate the population. To an individual, the costs are inherent to lifestyle changes, which may not differ from their weekly expenses prior to preventative treatment. It's easy to eat healthier based on what people normally get from the grocery store without spiking costs dramatically, for example.

    2) Ease of access to therapies

    More exercise and healthier diets are prime examples of the ease of access of preventative ...

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    Four key benefits that can be derived from making a transition from reactionary to prevention are listed. A proposal is developed.