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    Health Care System in Turmoil

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    Discuss why the current health care system is in turmoil. Identify two major problems of health care and analyze the impact of each of the chosen problems on consumers and the community. Describe the benefits and risks of national health insurance.

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    Potential barriers to the use of health services among ethnic minorities: a review Emmanuel Scheppersa, Els van Dongenb, Jos Dekkerc, Jan Geertzend and Joost Dekkere Family Practice (2006) 23 (3): 325-348. doi: 10.1093/fampra/cmi113 Retrieved from Google database.

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    Health Care System in Turmoil

    Despite the fact that the United States spends exponentially more per capita on healthcare than any other nation on earth, tens of millions of Americans lack health insurance and face significant barriers in attempting to obtain basic health services. In addition, minorities and other ethnicities face significant service barriers in receiving quality care on par with what their white counterparts receive. The two most significant issues causing turmoil in the health care system in the United States are geographic barriers and service barriers. The geographic barriers are most pronounced in rural areas and urban inner cities whereas the service barriers cause the poor minorities to receive unequal healthcare that contributes to higher morbidity and other health ailments associated with a lack of healthcare for these patients.

    In this summary, I will discuss the extent of these barriers and the turmoil that it has caused in the ...

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    This solution discusses the current state of the health care system and identifies the major problems for consumers and the community.