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    Interview with head of healthcare unit Supply Chain Management

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    Within the healthcare organization exists a form of supply chain management. Create a fake interview in which you interview a healthcare manager that participates in the overall day to day function of the supply chain management system. I need to start a powerpoint but need at least 15 slides to get me going on this 50 slide presentation.

    Explore organization's supply chain management system in the areas of forecasting, use of the EOQ model, and the strategic plan of the supply chain management.
    What are the strengths of the system and the areas for process improvement?
    What recommendations could you provide to facilitate an effective supply chain management system?

    A minimum of 2 academic references is required.

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    The cost of healthcare is constantly increasing despite dropping levels of insurance reimbursements and challenges in production.
    Innovative strategic plaaning initiatives are required to address these challenges in a healthcare setting.
    Attached is an an inteview with a healthcare manager with some responses in red for use to build a balanced presentation.
    References have been included for further information