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    As a PM, use a risk management Plan for earthquake

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    Using what you know, the PMBOK, and your various textbooks as references, document at least 5 risks involved in constructing a new building on the college campus. Indicate the risk, impact if it occurred (low, medium, high), probability of occurrence (low, medium, high), and an initial response plan. This should be completed for every risk you have identified.

    What are the criteria you are using to determine what you will make yourself or what you will need to purchase, i.e. the make-or-buy decision making process? Who will assist you in determining the criteria? Who will be a part of the decision-making process?
    What are the critical factors you will need to consider for those items you will purchase? Why are they are critical to the success of your project?

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    To decide what to make and what to procure would depend on the cost analysis this involves the following components:
    1. Volume of components
    2. Fixed costs associated with making
    3. The per-unit direct costs of making
    4. The per-unit landed cost from supplier
    Using the above, we calculate the cost to make and cost to buy. It the later exceeds the former, decision would be made in the favor of buying. Other factors which ...

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    The expert uses risk management plan for earthquake as a PM.