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    CVS supply chain

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    Please help understanding what the structure of the CVS organization is and its supply chain integration. How is the company's supply chain set up? Do they outsource it? Is it functional or disorganized? What are some good resources for this type of information?

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    CVS is one of the largest provider of pharmacy healthcare services. It has multidivisional structure with operations in many different regions. Each region has its own goals and objectives for which the head has an independent decision making power without having to reach to the corporate level. Various businesses of CVS include:
     MinuteClinic retail clinics- Currently CVS runs 800 MinuteCLinic health clinics in 26 states. By 2017 this number is expected to reach 1500 to cater to growing number of insured people (Ryder, n.d).
     CVS Caremark Pharmacy Services- offers convenient access to prescriptions and a variety of products
     CVS Specialty -includes specialty management services for patients who require treatment for rare or complex conditions
    Supply Chain of CVS
    The supply chain of CVS supports around 5300 retail stores and engages in collaborative planning with suppliers for about 45% of store volume. There is high visibility on inventory and movement of goods. CVS turns its inventory 5 times in a year, which is best in its segment.
    The distribution network of CVS is ...

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