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    CVS Distribution and Service Provider

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    Please help understanding how CVS distributes its product? How does CVS, as a service provider, allocate their services and pass them on to its customers? How can a firm "inventory" services? What are some good resources for this information?

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    //CVS is popular as the second-biggest pharmacy chain in the United States of America. It is a retail segment of CVS Health and holds more than 7,800 pharmacy stores and drug stores across the USA. The company has in-house 26,000 pharmacists that write prescriptions for the patients. In this respect, the distribution system of CVS products has been discussed. Further, the company's services, allocation methods, and method for inventory services have also been discussed.//

    The product variety offered by CVS, the pharmacist company, includes permissible drugs, beauty and cosmetics products, occasional merchandise, greeting cards and items of convenience. The services offered by them consist of vaccination services and real-time counseling services to the patients of drug abuse (CVS Health, 2014).

    CVS uses the 'Intensive Distribution' style for distributing its products with the help of available outlets. It primarily distributes its products to major distribution centers, which are set up by the chain pharmacy itself. Intensive distribution is most suitable for ...

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