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    Summarize Findings Communications

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    1. Communications
    2. Materials and inventory
    3. Order entry
    4. Supervision at the plants
    5. General production flow

    Compile your individual findings and recommendations into a Word document, and submit the file.
    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    Supply Chain Management

    The supply chain management is one of the important parts that lead the success of an organization. The supply chain management can be described as the management of business network. The current business environment makes it essential for a business to use the effective strategies in order to facilitate effective supply chain management. The main objective of the supply chain management is to integrate and manage the procurement, flow and control of the materials in order to ensure the business success (Mentzer, 2001). It is a single process that is related to most of the functions of the business such as purchasing, manufacturing, sales and distribution. The paper describes the findings from the scenario of the different facilities of an organization and also provides recommendations to develop the different areas of supply chain management.
    Findings from Scenario
    The information from management describes the several problems or issues in effective supply chain management of the organization. The main issue in the supply chain management of the organization is the lack of the effective communication between all the facilities. It is because; the P and T facilities claims that parts from the S facilities are not arriving at time while on the other hand the S facility claims that all the required part from the facility P and T are loaded in trailers and semitrailers on the same time. The management of S facility also claims that it is not receiving the accessory part from the P and T facility on ...

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