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Discovery Communications

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Please find some information from 10K.

which is:
1 Name and Description of Company (what does it do: provide a service, sell a product, or manufacture and sell a product)
2 Summarize the Shareholder Letter paying close attention to the following:
o Management's opinion of financial performance
o Impact of recent economic events on financial performance
o Existing successful operating strategies
o Planned strategies to improve future financial performance
3 Geographic Footprint
o Summarize the locations of the company's operations.
o Summarize the geographic reach of its business based on sales revenue.

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Step 1
The name of the company is Discovery Communications. The company provides content across multiple distribution platforms, including digital distribution arrangements throughout the world. It provides nonfiction original and purchased content to more than 1.9 billion cumulative subscribers. It distributes content to more than 1.9 billion subscribers in more than 200 countries. Discovery Communications operates in three segments mainly US Networks, International Networks, and Education. The channel has reached 99 million subscribers in the US.

Step 2
In the shareholder's letter the continuing operating strategy is to educate, enlighten, and ...

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