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Disaster Recovery Issues

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This response addresses disaster recovery issues.

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Disaster Recovery Issues
In discussing the rapid growth of WorkFit Medical, LLC, we have seen significant reliance on IT related systems as a means to providing services to our customers, without hiring more people to do the work. In addition, the new IT systems being built of modified each day are causing us to rely more heavily on those IT systems. While this company is still a small business, we are not immune, and perhaps more prone to IT systems failures. This document will outline a disaster recovery plan for the business, should it face a catastrophic loss of physical structure, hardware or data.
It is important to keep in mind that no matter how diligent we are in our disaster preparedness, it is likely that we will experience some level of data loss if a catastrophic event were to occur. I am going to state the assumption that the amount of data that is collected, entered and processed in a single day of business will be the maximum allowable data loss in this plan. Nothing greater than one day will be acceptable as a catastrophic transitional outcome.
We have several areas of concern for this company when we look at a catastrophic loss of information technology.
First there is the main database that runs our day to day operations, as well as the digital imaging of patient charts. This is one database that handles both aspects. The likelihood of a catastrophic data loss with this database is greater, due to the instability that is created by multiple off site database replication services that occur on a daily basis.
Second, there is the issue of payroll and accounting data. This information is contained with the Quickbooks Pro software, and currently does not reside on the in house server. We are utilizing the on-line version of Quickbooks Pro, so that the program and data is available to our ...