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    Emergency Management Process - Organizational Adjustments

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    Assume your audience includes top administrators in a public sector emergency management organization or agency for that particular jurisdiction. In addition to a description and analysis of your selected issues, provide recommendations for appropriate organizational adjustments that you feel should be made to manage the issues effectively.
    Choose three of the following issues:

    Urbanization and Hazard Exposure
    Interdependencies in Infrastructure
    Continued Emphasis on Growth
    Rising Costs of Disaster Recovery
    Increasing Population Diversity
    Terrorist Threats
    Low Priority of Emergency Management
    Intergovernmental Tensions

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    Urbanization and Hazard Exposure
    The rapid growth and migration of people to big cities is termed as urbanization. Some issues related to urbanization are housing, sanitation, social welfare, water etc. Urbanization also leads to increased industrialization thus increasing the risk for hazard exposure. Cities get congested and polluted due to increased urbanization.
    Though industrialization is a sign of better economy it also increases pollution (land, water and air) in the environment. Urbanization also increases the risks of different kind of diseases. Migrating populations can also cause political unrest in big cities. Thus it is important to have an emergency management system to tackle these different issues. Some of the recommendations and suggestions to manage urbanization and hazard exposure are given below:
    1. Every community should have a team of ...

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    The solution discusses the need for administration when there is rapid urbanization, what is to be done when there are emergency situations like terrorist threats or natural disasters and discusses the role of organizations to deal with situations such as there.