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Emergency Preparedness

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The sharing of lessons learned contained in the above articles has the potential to assist others in their emergency planning efforts. Would there be value in setting up a national database to capture lessons learned and make them more readily available to emergency management managers, advisory committees, other disciplines, as well as planning, response and recovery organizations? Why?

Jeannie Thompson, R.N.: "Katrina's aftermath: How our disaster plan was tested"
Katrina's Aftermath

FEMA - Harris County, Texas Citizen Corps' Response to Hurricane Katrina Lessons Learned

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Certainly such a database would be an invaluable resource. Projects often fail because of problems that have been previously encountered. Such a resource would need to be kept up to date, and managers would need to be informed of its existence. To be truly useful, managers should be required to consult it whenever any new project is undertaken.

While people are capable of creative thought and often foresee difficulties, there is no ...

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Need for databased of lessons learned from national disasters.

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Michigan Emergency Management Plan

A Terrorist Attack

After the attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, emergency management officials were heavily criticized for their lack of terrorism disaster preparedness, including the poor communication capabilities between fire and police services. To read more about it, refer to the link Journal of Homeland Security provided in the Webliography.

Assess the emergency management plan of Michigan as it relates to a terrorist attack. Examine the plan closely as it relates to the disciplines of emergency management, and make recommendations for improvement. If Michigan does not have a plan for a terrorist attack, create one which addresses these issues.

Use references cite sources

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