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Executive Orders

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Presidents issue hundreds of Executive Orders in the modern era. President George W. Bush issued 291, President Clinton issued 364, President George H.W. Bush issued 166, President Reagan issued 381, and President Carter issued 169. During wartime, Presidents tend to issue more EOs.
In March 2012, President Obama issued Executive Order 13603, which altered EO 12656 by revoking sections 401(3) (4), along with revoking all of Executive Order 12919 of June 3, 1994.
1. Why do Presidents use EOs?
2. What is the impact of issuing EOs on the nation?
3. Why would the President have issued an order revoking these sections of EO 12656?
4. What are 2 implications for Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities in the United States?
Please provide references and at least 200+ words.

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1. Why Presidents use EOs?

Presidents' in the United States of America have traditionally used Emergency Orders to purposely bypass the legislative process as well as establish specific schedules that will be used for office employees as well as for the reason for assisting government agencies that operate under the tutelage ...

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