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Issues in Health Care Delivery

Hospice Care: Services and Staffing

Please help with the following problem. Describe the types of services provided though hospice, as well as the types of staffing needed to provide them.

Value-Chain Analysis of a Rural Health Program

Need help discussing the following article: Read the article: "Value-Chain Analysis of a Rural Health Program: Toward Understanding the Cost Benefit of Telemedication" by Gamble, Savage, and Icenogle. http://proquest.umi.com/pqdweb?did=701474681&sid=4&Fmt=6&clientId=29440&RQT=309&VName=PQD Address the following after rea

Strategic Management

There is an organization that does research and development in the area of new drug discovery. It was founded four years ago and recently licensed the patent for its initial research output to a large pharmaceutical company. It is now in the very earliest stages of work on two additional research projects in related areas. Up un

Critical Thinking for Health Care Professionals--Fallacies

Suppose that you are attending a conference for physical therapists. You listen to a speech by Dr. John Russell, an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Russell is speaking about a new, experimental procedure to repair torn ligaments in the knee. After listening to the 30 min. conference talk, one of the attendees sitting next to you, Har

Change Identification Techniques

How does management identify the change necessary, encourage innovation, while overcoming the negative impact of turnover in the workforce?

C-section Delivery in the US 1991-2002

create a chart or table comparing the two articles: -content -research methods -focus of the study -target audience/subjects -possible impacts on the future of healthcare delivery Maternal Risk Profiles and the Primary Cesarean Rate in the United States, 1991-2002. Authors:Declercq, Eugene1 [email address removed by syst

Clarify differences among cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers.

Create a compare and contrast table for the following: Identified the major differences between cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer. Compared the benign and malignant tumors of the cervix, uterus, and ovaries. Compared the risk factors of these cancers and their treatments

Hospice Related Theories

Please help with the following problems. Provide references. Identify the motivational theories that relate to hospice end of life.

Technological advances are assessed.

(1) Evaluate at least two different historical perspectives on the delivery of health care in America. How has technology and the lack or developing technology affected these perspectives? (2) Compare and contrast two technological advances that have affected health care delivery in America. (3) How have these changing tec

Vygostsky's Cognitive Mediation Theory

Describe the human development theory that best reflects your current developmental stage. How is the selected theory linked with your status and as adult learner?

Health Risk Appraisal

This solution performs a health risk appraisal of anyone, using the Siteman Cancer Center's "Your Disease Risk" Web site at http://www.yourdiseaserisk.wustl.edu/english/index.htm and perform the appraisal that addresses heart disease or another disease. What risks for heart disease (or another disease chosen) do you identify

World health problems are identified.

Discuss and analyze the world health situation. What is the greatest problem facing the world population? What strategies (at least three) would you utilize to alleviate this problem?

Sim man and finical gain are explicated.

Identify the organizational goals the sim man would support. Goals might include patient care, medical and allied health education, community service, cost containment, leadership role, and clinical research. â?¢ Explain how the sim man would relate to the needs of the organization. Explain how it would be beneficial to the o

description of one intergenerational program.

Intergenerational Programs: Using the library data base search engines or the internet, find a description of one intergenerational program. Describe how it works, and the benefits that the article claims participants from each of the generations involved in the program gain from participating in it. Discuss whether you beli

Leadership in Healthcare

I need help choosing 2 of the Health Research and Educational Trust's from(HRET) 4 major focus areas and: -Explain why each focus area I chose is important to healthcare administrators. -Discuss the HRETs role in addressing those areas. Please provide examples. -Describe the impact of the HRET efforts in those areas.

Core Competency - Person-Environment Fit

Person-Environment Fit :Please thread your respond onto this question---- Your 90 year-old grandmother will be visiting your home. Based on the environment-fit model, describe things in your environment that you may need to change and things that can stay the same to promote her competence there. Be sure to define, in detail, w

Health Care Delivery Models

The evolution of health care delivery models has resulted in positive clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care. Identify one health care delivery model. What are the clinical and financial outcomes for inpatient and outpatient services that resulted from the use of the model?

The principal and agent relationship is examined.

Discuss the problems that could exist in the principal and agent relationship in aging services such as case manager and an nursing home. Please list the advantages and drawbacks of the relationship and any problems that could arise.

Fear in Healthcare Organization

Identify and describe a situation in which you have observed fear in an organization in which you worked. Fear is defined as "feeling threatened by possible repercussions as a result of speaking up about work-related concerns". Identify the person(s) experiencing the fear, the source of the fear, whether the fear was real or b

Fundamentals of Billing and Coding Technology

You are a billing and coding specialist in a busy ophthalmology practice. A coworker told you that if you use the practice of unbundling codes when billing, you can create more revenue for the practice. o What is meant by unbundling codes? o Is this a legitimate way to create more revenue? Why or why not?

An explanation of evaluation and management services is embedded.

An important part of determining the level of evaluation and management services provided to a patient can be based on the key components and contributing factors. Explain each part of the key components and the contributing factors and give an example of a way to measure each. For example, history is one part of the key compon

Health Information Portability Act

You are a medical assistant in a family practice office. While working, you receive a call from a mother, whose 18-year-old daughter is a patient at your office. The woman said her daughter had not been feeling well and saw the doctor yesterday but did not share any of the information she received from the doctor. The woman h