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    Critical Thinking for Healthcare Professionals

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    Suppose that you are attending a conference for physical therapists. You listen to a speech by Dr. John Russell, an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Russell is speaking about a new, experimental procedure to repair torn ligaments in the knee. After listening to the 30 min. conference talk, one of the attendees sitting next to you, Harold, tells you, "Dr. Russell claims that the procedure is effective at reducing pain 3 months post-surgery. Dr. Russell would, of course, hold a favorable view of this new procedure because he only recently finished his orthopedic surgery fellowship, and plus he went to medical school on the West coast. Therefore, this procedure could not be as effective as Dr. Russell claims it is".

    This is a two-part
    A) Identify the type of logical fallacy in the argument that Harold just made. Justify your selection.

    B) Respond to Harold with a different set of statements containing a separate fallacy. State the type of fallacy that you committed in responding. Then, justify why the fallacy you made is of the type that you purport it

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    The type of logical fallacy in the argument that Howard just made, would be the logical fallacy of a hasty generalization. I selected the fallacy of a hasty generalization in reference to a portion of the argument that Howard just made, based on the premise that Harold made the statement that"he went to ...