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    Issues in Health Care Delivery

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    Framework to design a program for healthy after school club.

    A new Head Teacher has recently been appointed and she is keen to develop the school as a Health Promoting School, to improve the health of pupils and be awarded a local Health Award. She feels that the after school club presents a great opportunity to develop pupil awareness of healthy eating and physical activity. The after

    Finding the Speed of the Planes

    2 planes are 1400 miles apart and traving towards each other. One plane is traveling 120 miles per hour faster than the other. The plans meet in 2 .5 hours. Find the speed of each plane.

    Healthcare Finance

    What is the financial impact to hospitals as care settings shift more and more to outpatient versus inpatient care?

    Measure of Quality of care

    How can we measure the fact that health care service is meeting that quality or standards, (other than surveys)? What sources of evidence do we rely?

    Licensing Requirements

    To what extent do professional organizations promote licensing requirements to limit entry into the profession (career protection)?

    Should the US have Privitization of Social Security?

    There seems to be alot of media lately on SS Privitization. What exactly would be Pritization? What would be the pros and cons of having it? Do any other countries practice this? and if so has it been successful? Has there been any research on this method? Is this really a way for Bush and his buddies to make money (Stock