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    Issues in Health Care Delivery

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    Health Information Portability Act

    You are a medical assistant in a family practice office. While working, you receive a call from a mother, whose 18-year-old daughter is a patient at your office. The woman said her daughter had not been feeling well and saw the doctor yesterday but did not share any of the information she received from the doctor. The woman h

    Effects of Chart Audits

    You have set up a process for doing chart audits and discovered some areas in need of improvement, so now you need to focus on what to do with the results. Instructions What are some things to consider in regards to what action could be taken based on results from chart audits? Do the results need to be shared with accredi

    A Practice Audit case

    A primary care physician and her partner, who have just opened their practice, newly employ you as a medical assistant. You have been asked by one of the physicians to set up a process for doing chart audits. You know that one component of chart audits is to determine what is to be audited and the criteria for that audit. Di

    What is the JCAHO's role regarding its documentation requirements?

    Details: You worked for a number of years in the office of a family physician who has just retired. You have now taken a position on a busy surgical floor of a local, acute-care hospital. You frequently hear references to JCAHO requirements for documenting a patient's pain assessment and treatment, documenting medication ad

    You work in the medical office of an OB/GYN.

    You work in the medical office of an OB/GYN. A new patient has made her first appointment stating that she believes she is about six weeks pregnant, and this will be her second child. She has recently moved to the area and says she has some medical records from her other obstetricianâ??s office with her. She mentioned she had s

    Science vs culture

    Once you have read the article, visit the PBS website about Kennewick man, focusing on the scientists' claims (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/first/claim.html) and on the processes used to reconstruct a very lifelike model of Kennewick Man (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/first/kennewick.html). Then, do some research of your own into

    Medical records identification

    Identify 4 requirements for documenting each of the following: a patient's pain assessment and treatment medication administration verbal telephone orders

    Medical Records

    You frequently hear references to JCAHO requirements for documenting a patient's pain assessment and treatment, documenting medication administration, or documenting verbal telephone orders. a patient's pain assessment and treatment medication administration verbal telephone orders What is your opinion on JCAHO's role rega

    Patient education

    Discuss in detail, older adult patient education issues and the influence patient education has in health care using the experiences this patients following interview. 1. Did a patient education representative give you instructions on how to care for yourself after your illness or operation? Yes he did. After my total knee

    Indicators of Neoplasm Behavior

    What are the various indicators of neoplasm behavior? Which of these behaviors takes precedence and why? What example would you pose to demonstrate this?

    Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy Ramifications

    Maternal smoking during pregnancy has been implicated in various problems with infant health. Based on what you learn, develop a research question on the health of babies born to smoking versus non-smoking mothers and devise a testable hypothesis related to this health issue. List as many problems as you can identify and anticip

    Explanation of how to write a paper

    I would like help in writing a paper on Development of Personal Value talk about personal values challenged and tie into pre-conventional and post conventional include when value changed and when change strengthen.

    CCRC and SNF: Continuum of Care

    Describe where CCRCs and SNFs lie on a continuum of care that includes a local physician's office on one end and hospice on the other end. Use examples of facilities offered.

    Health care facilities using radical loving care

    Can you discuss in detail about if you were a patient in a healthcare faciliy how reasonable is it to expect everyone working in that facility to show "radical loving care"? Would it make the healthcare system in general better or worse?

    Pharmacy orders that requires math calculations.

    Hello, I need some help with some Pharmacy Math Calculations: 1. A physician orders an IV of Cefazolin (Ancef) 1g/50mL, IVPB q6h. The infusion can be given in 20 minutes. What rate will you set on the IV pump (mL/min)?_____________________ 2. An IV infusion order is written for 0.3 L of D5W/0.45% NS to run over 12 hours.


    You are taking part in a World AIDS Day Federal Conference Call for Federal Grantees and Staff. This is your chance to ask questions about global and domestic Federal HIV/AIDS programs, and a chance to ask representatives from (HHS, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy, CDC, NIH/HRSA, SAMHSA, and others about Federal HIV/AIDS programs:


    How can a consumer evaluate healthcare information and sort fact from fallacy?

    Critical thinking skills are applied.

    Instructions: Evaluate one of the following websites as a research source. Use critical thinking skills, be concise, and be specific. The Role of the Media in Tobacco Control http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/00030959.htm Secondhand Smoke: The Big Lie http://www.smokingsection. com/issues1. html#smoke Healt