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Issues in Health Care Delivery

CCRC and SNF: Continuum of Care

Describe where CCRCs and SNFs lie on a continuum of care that includes a local physician's office on one end and hospice on the other end. Use examples of facilities offered.

Health care facilities using radical loving care

Can you discuss in detail about if you were a patient in a healthcare faciliy how reasonable is it to expect everyone working in that facility to show "radical loving care"? Would it make the healthcare system in general better or worse?

Pharmacy orders that requires math calculations.

Hello, I need some help with some Pharmacy Math Calculations: 1. A physician orders an IV of Cefazolin (Ancef) 1g/50mL, IVPB q6h. The infusion can be given in 20 minutes. What rate will you set on the IV pump (mL/min)?_____________________ 2. An IV infusion order is written for 0.3 L of D5W/0.45% NS to run over 12 hours.


You are taking part in a World AIDS Day Federal Conference Call for Federal Grantees and Staff. This is your chance to ask questions about global and domestic Federal HIV/AIDS programs, and a chance to ask representatives from (HHS, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy, CDC, NIH/HRSA, SAMHSA, and others about Federal HIV/AIDS programs:


How can a consumer evaluate healthcare information and sort fact from fallacy?

Critical thinking skills are applied.

Instructions: Evaluate one of the following websites as a research source. Use critical thinking skills, be concise, and be specific. The Role of the Media in Tobacco Control Secondhand Smoke: The Big Lie http://www.smokingsection. com/issues1. html#smoke Healt

Communication and roles among family

Describe several attributes of dysfunctional family communication patterns and identify some specific strategies you can use for positively influencing or changing family communication patterns. Explain why changing role functions within the family can create stress and/or conflict and how the family nurse can respond. Ple

Aggregate and Community

Compare the differentiation between aggregate and community. Also, what is the identification and description of an aggregate?

Health care adaptation change

1. The external forces that affect any healthcare organization are: competition, technology, community service, funding, and workforce. Choose two (2) from the above, and discuss how they affected a healthcare organization of your choice (using the literature from the past 5 years), to the extent of this organization needing to

Is there a surplus of physicians in the United States?

Is there a surplus of physicians in the United States? What is the likely long-term impact of the influx of IMGs into the US healthcare system? Why is the lack of minority representation in the U.S. health profession such a compelling problem for health policy makers?

Medical Terms and Definition - Emphysema

Your Aunt Mary has recently been diagnosed with emphysema. You are going to be attending a family function in the near future, and you think that some of your relatives will ask you the meaning of medical terms that they have heard or read about emphysema. What terms do you think they might ask you about? Consider terms re

Using Medical Terminology

You are an admitting assistant in the emergency department, and you see the following note written on a patient's chart after the patient was transferred to a critical care unit. Instructions: You want to practice your knowledge of medical terminology, so you decide to rewrite the note using medical terminology to describe

Being a Medical Assistant: Medical Terms

You are being interviewed for a job as a medical assistant. As part of the interview process, the office manager tells you there will be a short test to assess your familiarity with using roots, prefixes, and suffixes to understand medical terms. You are a bit nervous about taking a test, but you did well taking a medical

Assessing the long-term effects of sun exposure

In a history and physical assessment, what would you assess to determine long-term sun exposure? If you were concerned about pressure ulcers in a patient, what areas would you assess? What increases patient risk for skin breakdown? Your elderly grandmother wants to remain in her home. In the home assessment, what factors m

Community Health Education Programs

Acute care hospitals and health maintenance organizations are increasing the number of community health education programs they provide. What are some of the benefits of this practice as well as any concerns you may see in this approach?

DSCRs - Developmental Self Care Requisites

Discuss three Developmental Self Care Requisites (DSCRs) within your own community(Lacey, Washington). Site an example of each in your community that demonstrates the community meets and does not meet each of these requisites. Why do these examples meet the DSCR or provide evidence that there is a developmental-care deficit?

Prescription Drugs

The Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that 2/3 of chronically ill patients do not tell their physician that they cannot afford the drugs they are prescribed. Many states, communities and drug company programs are available but individuals do not know about them -- what would you suggest for a community health measure t

Drowning as a community health issue

Summer is over but consider the 'community of individuals who cannot swim' and think of children near water as a 'community.' To all of you who have loved statistics, here is a statistical web site that talks about child drowning: Where does your state fall? Why do you thi

Territoriality of communities

Territoriality of communities within communities often creates division and conflict. What is an example that reflects such intra-community territoriality? What approaches might be used to develop common interest among disparate groups?

The American Health Care Delivery System - Aesculapius and Hygeia

Robert Frost (1874 -1963), an American poet wrote the following lines: I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence; Two roads diverged in a wood, and I I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. There are two cults (options) within the traditions of ancient Greece

The Healthcare System

1. What basic service components are necessary in order for a healthcare system to be considered complete? 2. Why are these the necessary components? The following are the major components of a healthcare system: · Health Promotion And Disease Prevention Services · Emergency Medical Services · Ambulatory Care For

Job description impact a healthcare organization

Where do you believe 'personality/character' should enter into the description and how can one in fact measure this variable? Should active training and professional development be a part of a job description? How do job requirements differ from a job description? Where would credentialing and qualifications enter the