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Medical service organizations & operating margins

Select a local medical service organization and describe how they have specifically improved their operating margins.

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Hi: I'd be happy to help. It looks like you need to first select an organization. Look at the available possibilities and find one you think is doing a good job. If you have no idea or have no experience with any of the choices you should consider talking with older family members, perhaps. Another alternative would be to contact the human resource departments of a couple of the organizations and determine who would be most willing to speak with a student. Introduce yourself and ask them how they have improved their operation. Apologize for taking their time but assure them of your interest. Ask them if they have time to speak with you. Most likely they will be flattered. If the answer is no, ask if ...

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This solution helps the student analyze the operating margins in a local medical service organization by giving contact suggestions as well as points to consider in the analysis.