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Sample Critical Questions for an AIDS Panel

You are taking part in a World AIDS Day Federal Conference Call for Federal Grantees and Staff. This is your chance to ask questions about global and domestic Federal HIV/AIDS programs, and a chance to ask representatives from (HHS, Office of HIV/AIDS Policy, CDC, NIH/HRSA, SAMHSA, and others about Federal HIV/AIDS programs:

What are 1-3 (several) questions regarding where HIV/AIDS that you would ask the panel of experts and why?

We look forward to your participation!

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Here are the sample questions along with the reasons I would ask those questions. Please let me know if I missed anything.

1. Is there a cure for AIDS? Researchers in California have published that they have discovered two powerful new antibodies that may hold the key to the cure for AIDS. Also, we have heard a lot about the potential for a cure for AIDS. Speculations ...

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This solution offers some sample questions that would be asked to an AIDS panel, including the rationale for those questions being asked.