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Issues in Health Care Delivery

Pallative Care

Case Scenario Mrs. J., is a woman in her 40s with cholangiocarcinoma*, which is advanced. She has been admitted to the hospital with a new onset of back pain, nausea and vomiting. She has already undergone surgery and a course of radiation therapy. Questions 1. See attachement. What focus/foci of care best fits Mr

Analyzing Medical Errors

In 700 to 800 words, discuss systems thinking. Why does it not come easy to health care providers? How can we use systems processes/thinking to evaluate errors and prevent them? Include 3 references.

EMATALA: Disadvantages and Advantages

From the perspective of a government policy maker discuss EMTALA and its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, from your role perspective, discuss if you believe that EMTALA should have been passed.

Influence of entrepreneurship in health care

I need help with a paper on the influence of entrepreneurship in health care. Include the following: a. Address ways that entrepreneurship has affected the health care field b. Include an example of a recent health care business, with which you are familiar, that has changed the way health care staff do their jobs or the

Isotretinoin Negative Pregnancy Tests

A 22 year old with severe acne is receiving counseling before taking isotretinoin. She has read the online i pledge information and is shocked to see that two negative pregnancy test must be performed monthy during therapy. what is the nurse's best answer to her concerns?

Levels of Care in the Healthcare Industry

A patient has a brain tumour and you must trace his or her interaction with the Healthcare industry through the three levels of care. What is the interaction that the patient may have with the services provided for the level, as well as with medical professionals professionals encountered on the level? From the patient's persp

Continuum of Managed Care Models

Describe how the continuum of managed care models helps to understand the level of control for access, quality, and costs for each type. What is the importance of the continuum in understanding the differences among managed care plans?

Managed Care Organization

There are different committees in an Managed Care Organization. Some serve operational functions while others serve to meet regulatory and quality standard functions. Describe credentialing committee and quality management committee. What are the main role of each committee? If you could eliminate one of these committees as bei

Introduction to Quality Assurance

This is new subject would like some help on these questions. Thanks in advance. You are attending a general meeting with management to discuss proposed changes in the Quality Assurance program secondary to a "never event" occurring in your organization [you can consider any never event offered by the AHRQ]. After the presen

Advance Directives

Define the following advance directives: living wills; durable powers of attorney; "Five Wishes". Which of the available advance directives (living wills; durable powers of attorney; "Five Wishes") seems to you most desirable for situations in which you might be unable to participate in decision making about your medical treatm

Three Elements of a Quantitative Research Report

Discuss three elements of a quantitative research report that you perceive as the most important when reviewing this type of research report. Why are these three elements important to you and how would this section of the report determine whether you use it for support of your solution?

Educator and New Grad Socialization

Role socialization is imperative to the success for a new grad and also a new educator. Studies indicate that up to 60% of new grads leave the hospital and bedside care without support during the first year of practice. How are nurse educators and nurse graduates socialized into the professional role?

Obtaining team support for a research proposal

Identify strategies that can be used to obtain the support of team members and stakeholders for a research utilization proposal. Which of these would be most effective for your specific project proposal?

Healthcare Reform in the United States

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 100 words in the solution and include at least one reference. Healthcare reform is underway in the United States. Given the history of previous attempts to reform the U.S. healthcare system and the current state of the U.S. economy, answer the following questions: W

Discussing the Freedom Commission on Mental Health

Discuss: What are the six goals that the 2003 Final Report outlined? Provide your analysis on, and evaluation of, whether these goals have been met or not. Support your conclusions with appropriate evidence.

Electronic Health Records Podcast

Go to The Journal of Medical Practice Management. Select one of the podcasts under the Technology tab that discusses Electronic Health Records (EHR). Present a comprehensive overview of the podcast (author, his/her position or title, etc.) and how the information pertains to this week's reading and specifically, to the role of a

Health Sciences: Modernization Theory Modernization Theory is based on the assumption that as people age, their status in society declines . Discuss the modernization theory in terms of factors such as health care advances, honor, and multigenerational households. Do you think the terminology in the theory is clear in its explanation of social status and values?

Modernization Theory is based on the assumption that as people age, their status in society declines . Discuss the modernization theory in terms of factors such as health care advances, honor, and multigenerational households. Do you think the terminology in the theory is clear in its explanation of social status and values?

Universality of Management Functions

1. If there is a universality of management functions, then what are the similarities and competencies you believe exist in these functions between top executives versus department heads and other mid-level managers.

Hospice Care: Services and Staffing

Please help with the following problem. Describe the types of services provided though hospice, as well as the types of staffing needed to provide them.

Value-Chain Analysis of a Rural Health Program

Need help discussing the following article: Read the article: "Value-Chain Analysis of a Rural Health Program: Toward Understanding the Cost Benefit of Telemedication" by Gamble, Savage, and Icenogle. Address the following after rea

Strategic Management

There is an organization that does research and development in the area of new drug discovery. It was founded four years ago and recently licensed the patent for its initial research output to a large pharmaceutical company. It is now in the very earliest stages of work on two additional research projects in related areas. Up un

Critical Thinking for Health Care Professionals--Fallacies

Suppose that you are attending a conference for physical therapists. You listen to a speech by Dr. John Russell, an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Russell is speaking about a new, experimental procedure to repair torn ligaments in the knee. After listening to the 30 min. conference talk, one of the attendees sitting next to you, Har

C-section Delivery in the US 1991-2002

create a chart or table comparing the two articles: -content -research methods -focus of the study -target audience/subjects -possible impacts on the future of healthcare delivery Maternal Risk Profiles and the Primary Cesarean Rate in the United States, 1991-2002. Authors:Declercq, Eugene1 [email address removed by syst

Clarify differences among cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers.

Create a compare and contrast table for the following: Identified the major differences between cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancer. Compared the benign and malignant tumors of the cervix, uterus, and ovaries. Compared the risk factors of these cancers and their treatments

Hospice Related Theories

Please help with the following problems. Provide references. Identify the motivational theories that relate to hospice end of life.