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    Marketing Nonprofit Hospital Debate

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    In a 1- to 2- page paper defend the decision to market the non-profit entity. In this paper, you are to argue for the mission of the organization. Be sure to include the differences between non-profits and for-profit health care organizations. Also, highlight some areas that you believe would be a good place to start the marketing efforts.

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    The answer would be, "Yes," nonprofits should not only market but stay focused on their missions. Nonprofits have access to resources that other companies don't use and they should take advantage of the opportunity, while at the same time capitalize on the power of word-of-mouth. Public Service Announcements (PSAs), partnerships with other nonprofits, community calendars and other services that are free or at a discount are what nonprofits have available to them. At the same time, the nonprofit population might not attract those in affluence, and there may not be the same funding sources available as for-profit corporations have. No individual may profit from the nonprofit revenue, where there may be those in the for-profit corporation that will benefit from the assets.

    Another issue that has drawn recent attention is charitable work. Recent studies show ...