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    Building on Unsuccessful Project Findings

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    If the outcome data does not support the project's success, discuss how you would explain this result to your colleagues.

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    When it comes to research and trial runs for projects and programs, there will always be cases where things just don't work out the way we planned. When discussing the results for a project that doesn't support successful completion of a project's goals, consider answering the following questions.

    Were there errors in measurement that led to results?

    Depending on what is being studied, sometimes the method of collection can skew the results. Other times, the variables being analyzed don't necessarily strongly support the desired outcome because they don't really have a relation (e.g. correlating people eating apples and not having to go to the doctor's). As a result, one of the first things one should look for are possible errors in the ...

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    The expert examines building on unsuccessful project findings.