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    A 22 year old with severe acne is receiving counseling before taking isotretinoin. She has read the online i pledge information and is shocked to see that two negative pregnancy test must be performed monthy during therapy. what is the nurse's best answer to her concerns?

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    It is important that a nurse addresses her concern and try to emphasize with her situation. Below is a sample script that a nurse could use to discuss isotertinoin and the I Pledge Program.

    Nurse: "I understand that taking two pregnancy tests each month during the therapy is overwhelming but it is best for you and, should you become pregnant, your future child. Isotertinoin is teratogenic, which means its is known to cause birth defects in babies. The birth defects that can occur include hearing and visual impairment, missing or malformed earlobes, facial dysmorphism, and mental retardation. Even the smallest exposure of this drug can cause long term problems for a fetus. The purpose of TWO ...

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    Case Study on a 22 year old who is receiving counseling for isotretinoin.