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    Levels of Care in the Healthcare Industry

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    A patient has a brain tumour and you must trace his or her interaction with the Healthcare industry through the three levels of care.
    What is the interaction that the patient may have with the services provided for the level, as well as with medical professionals professionals encountered on the level? From the patient's perspective, are there any special issues or challenges involved at this level or care? What is the procedure to refer the patient to the next level of care?

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    Stages of Care

    I. Primary Care: Preventative care and the first level a patient goes through when they have any issues or concerns

    a. Medical Professionals: Primary Care Physician and Nurses
    b. Special Issues/Challenges: Conveying to the doctor the issues, trusting the doctor to pinpoint any issues
    c. Interaction: Patient comes in and tells medical staff of their symptoms. The nurse will triage the patient ...

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