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The reflective journal

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Short explanation needed.

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The reflective journal uses a set of applicable questions, which allow health care practitioners to organize and make use of notes on their experiences, which help them learn from those experiences and make use of what they learned, in the future. A good reflective journal begins with an appropriate and well thought out set of questions, which are most applicable to a specific area of learning in health care. Physicians and ...

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The reflective journal's traits are encompassed.

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Leadership Vision: Reflective Journal

Reflect upon the concept of leadership. What are the attributes that a leader must possess to effectively lead clinical staff?

Each reflection journal should contain the following key elements, regardless of the topic that is the focus of the reflection:

Identify your personal assumptions and biases about the topic
Provide examples or question (test) assumptions
Highlight what the course content says about the topic
Evaluate the significance, relevance, and meaning between the content and your experiential learning.

Please provide at least 2 paragraphs and 2 references that are not websites. Thank you.

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