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Therapeutic Alliance

Describe an essential characteristic that you believe will be an area of strength and one that would be a challenge in a therapeutic alliance . Explain why and list one or two ways that can increase a practitioner strength in this area.

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One streinth used in teh therapeutic alliance between therapist and client is that of strength of reflective listening. Reflective listening is considered an essential characteristic within the therapeutic alliance because the practice indicates that the counselor is willing to give up some of his or her ideas in efforts to understand the client. Fir instance, reflective listening is concerned with understanding the meaning behind the words that the client uses to express his or her problems. On this basis, the counselor in the therapeutic relationship refrains from imposing his or her will on the client. For example, the therapist does not insert professional attitudes into the counseling process before understanding what the client is ...

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This solution describes the strengths and weaknesses of a therapeutic alliance. The discussion focuses on ways to increase a practitioners strength during the therapeutic process..